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House System

The Saint Constantine House System is a reflection of the integrated nature of our student life and academics, and is designed to give students a more personalized home within the larger Saint Constantine family.

Each student of The Saint Constantine School and Saint Constantine College is sorted into one of four Houses at the end of their first week on campus. Their House is both the heart of their community at school, and a structure through which students receive honors and discipline. Each House is governed by two faculty advisors who serve as their students’ mentors and guides.

The House Shield Competition

The Saint Constantine School motto is Virtus Sapientia Gaudium. It is through these things — virtue, wisdom, and joy — that students may earn points for their Houses.

Virtue: commitment to upholding values of our school and modeling those values to others.

Wisdom: demonstrating academic excellence and thoughtful decision making.

Joy: the love of neighbor and the spirit of our community shining through word and deed.

While the House point system is primarily a tool used in The Saint Constantine School's Pre-K through 12th grade program, all students of Saint Constantine College may contribute to the life of their Houses by earning points and participating in House events.

The Houses compete throughout the year, as the accomplishments of their individual members earn points toward the annual awarding of the House Shield.

By vying for the House Shield each year alongside their fellow Housemates, students are encouraged to integrate their academic growth with the building of their character.  Through friendly and spirited competition in athletics, arts, and academics, students bond with their peers and put what they learn in the classroom into practice.

The Four Houses of The Saint Constantine School