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Events & Expeditions


Saint Constantine College events are designed to build the community here and to explore what it means to be part of a broader commonwealth.

Houston is one of only two cities in the United States that can boast its own professional symphony orchestra, ballet company, and opera house. The cultural possibilities are almost endless. 

Imagine an academic year that included chances to see a world-class performance of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos, a stunning production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, and a professional staging of Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale. And we do not just spend the evening at the theater and then move on. These cultural outings are also “Great Texts” that get incorporated back into the classroom discussions. They become part of our community’s ongoing conversation.

In addition to taking in the best that the city of Houston has to offer, we also make sure that our students have time to get away from the hustle and bustle.

The life of the mind is good and surely to be cultivated, but we should not then neglect our bodies and the physical world around us. As a generation steeped in cell phones, social media, and unlimited screen time, it might be easy for us to forget the beautiful and amazing world God has created.

For that reason, at least once each semester, we put down our books, shut off our phones, and get out of the city. Whether it is a weekend of backpacking, rock climbing, paddling, or something else, our expeditions are always a time to get to know each other in a different context and perceive the Good, the True, and the Beautiful from a whole new perspective.