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Why Saint Constantine College?

We are a college in the Orthodox Christian tradition, dedicated to the tenets of classical learning and pedagogy. Our curriculum is the canon of Great Texts from both the Eastern and Western traditions. We focus especially on those enduring books that have shaped the Liberal Arts in the Christian world. Instead of listening to rote, remote lectures on these texts, students discuss them in-person in intensive small cohort groups overseen by world-class professors. 

There are now many colleges that call themselves classical, that take the Great texts as their curriculum, and even have discussion-based pedagogy. Saint Constantine seeks to stand out among these colleges in three ways: 

First, we are a school grounded in the Orthodox Christian tradition. Thus the Greek, Syraic, and Arabic classics take their place alongside Latin and modern european classics in our curriculum. Our students are uniquely equipped to see the classical Christian tradition as truly global, not just European.  

Second, all of our writing instruction is conducted in one-on-one Oxford-style tutorials. These individual tutorials are our solution to the problem of writing instruction that often plagues Great Texts colleges. Every paper the student writes and all research they conduct is presented to a faculty mentor every week. It’s the way the universities of Oxford, Paris, and Constantinople conducted writing instruction for a thousand years and more, and that’s good enough for us.

Third, we are uniquely affordable. Many great texts honors colleges are housed at large universities that charge upwards of $40,000 a year for tuition, requiring most students to take on massive loan debt to attend. As a small college, we keep our tuition refreshingly low, at $10,500 per year (undergraduate) and $9,000 per year (graduate).

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Our undergraduate students live together, work together, and study together to practice the high art of intentional Christian community. They are led to see education not as an individualistic pursuit for the sake of career, but as a communal activity for the sake of a flourishing life. Though our graduates may go on to study Law or innovate in media, more importantly, they have gained a vision of the Christian life and the Christian mind that can serve as the foundation of families, neighborhoods, and parishes. 

Shakespeare's Henry the 5th, on the eve of the battle of Agincourt, says: "This story shall the good man teach his son." The same could be said of our college: we strive to be the good parent who passes on the greatest stories to the next generation. We do not waste time on faddish ideas or shallow critiques. The deep questions and high masterpieces of the ages await us; they beckon. At Saint Constantine College, we are committed to answering their call.