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A Revolutionary Return to What College is Meant to Be

Education should help you fulfill God’s call in your life. Part of that call is flourishing as a human: using your head, heart, and hands in harmony. Centuries of Christian wisdom have collected around teaching those skills in college, and the community at Saint Constantine College is dedicated to seeking that wisdom. We invite you to join us.


The well-educated individual ought to be conversant with the classics that have shaped their culture religiously, politically, philosophically, and artistically.

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Just as Socratic discussion informs our pedagogy, so does the early Christian understanding of all truth as God’s truth inform our exploration of texts.

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Great education should not bankrupt your financial future.

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Quote Parallax

“The great thinkers, teachers, and justice-seekers of the ages await our engagement, and at Saint Constantine College, we rise to meet them."

Timothy E.G. Bartel  |  Provost

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This community is dedicated to the lifelong pursuit of wisdom, and we invite all who wish to join us on that path.

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Hear From One of Our Own

What sets Saint Constantine College apart from the myriad of colleges - classical and otherwise - in America today?

Read what our students and alumni have to say.


Class of 2026

At Saint Constantine College, there is abundant opportunity to form real relationships with your professors. They all very obviously love and care about what they do, and have been more than willing to help in any way they can. I get to spend time every week with a professor, one-on-one, just talking about my writing, how I’m taking notes, how the reading is going, etc. That is incredible to me.


Class of 2022 (WJU English Track)

The experience is a challenging, rigorous journey. You know that you're growing the entire time.

I am better able to see the image of God in my classmates, my professors, and the world because of my education at Saint Constantine College.


Class of 2024

The professors and the faculty at the school take their time to make sure that you know that you are loved, and that they care about you individually, outside of an academic sense.

Being at Saint Constantine College is very intense, and very challenging - but it's also probably the best thing I've done with myself so far.

At a Glance


Individual, one-on-one Oxford-style tutorials for every student


Four years of Great Texts-based classes


Yearly cohorts cap at fifteen students


An average of twenty-five Great Texts read each semester


3,000 years of history covered in curriculum


Annual tuition is under $11K.